Thursday, March 16, 2017

The South Kongress Podcast Live SXSW Show!

We're hosting a live podcasting event SXSW week, sitting down with former college and current MMA athletes discussing recruiting, training, campus life and interests. We're seeking out sponsors interested in fitness and lifestyle branding to help sponsor the event. If you're interested, or would like more information, please follow the link provided.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mike's Podcast #2

This is the 2nd Episode of Mike Ohara's podcast. We ask each other some personal questions, about aspirations, regrets, relationships, society, and more.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fan X Fan Show: 'The Flash' 304 - "The New Rogues"

Episode Highlights-

- Trav votes early, and we urge you to get out and vote

- I talk about the early success of my acting debut in 'Nneka The Uber Driver'

- Writing my first Web Series!

- Amalgam Comics' Ariel makes get her own Marvel Variant Cover!

- We talk Halloween, terrible Joker costumes, and being fat

- Barry and Wally (and Joe!) are suckers when it comes to women

- Changes to Mirror Master and The Top

- Snart makes his "expanded universe" debut

- The many versions of Harrison Wells

- How Jesse Quick is Trunks/Goten, and her costume is awesome

- Traci Lords in 'Crybaby', oh my

- Cold mirrors and showerheads

- Our Election Season Show???

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nneka the Uber Driver Episode 5 - "Guy on a Date (Martin & Gina)"

Hey guys, it's my acting debut!  Watch, like, and share!

The South Kongress Podcast Fan x Fan Show: 'The Flash' 303 - "Magenta"

Episode Highlights:

- Travis and I debunk the "Locker Room Talk"  BS that's been going around

- My Episode of 'Nneka the Uber Driver' is out!  Please watch and Share!

- Trav's first month or so in Austin, and the horror that is rush hour

- Burger x wine, cuz we're fancy

- How "Flashpoint" has affected the different characters so far

- Earth 2 not being affected by "Flashpoint" and Wells picking up on that early

- Magenta, Magneto, and my love for 'The Craft'

- Wally trying to jumpstart his powers, and revisiting 'Deadpool'

- Jessie getting... Quick

- Keeping the spark in your super powered relationship

- Magenta being all powerful, but like 15

- What's Alchemy's game, and why does he know things have changed?

- Jessie's costume is THAT FIRE


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fan X Fan Show: 'The Flash' 302 - "Paradox"

Episode Highlights:

-Trav and I talk the joy of sharing FX's "Atlanta" with your white friends

- The oh so gorgeous women of Luke Cage

- Street-level heroes in the larger MCU

- The 3rd Volume of Jessica Jones' solo book "Alias"

- Barry trying to make amends for "Flashpoint", and noticing all the changes

- A FANTSTIC guest appearance, and it's bearing on Barry's decisions

- "The Rival", "Dr. Alchemy", and how this sets up the season

- How much we love our actors' ability to play different roles

- Always an Iris, always a Barry (a nod to 'Bioshock')

- 'Supergirl', 'Legends', and too muhc (good) television